Yumi Shingaleix

Yumi Shingaleix


From a young age, Yumi dreamed of being a High Priestess, one of the most esteemed titles of prestige among casters. She devoted her entire life to mastering five families of magic, shingaleix; her family magic, Tori, Zeal, Abe, & Ate. She managed to master her first three by the age of thirteen, but during her final training, a tragedy struck her kingdom. Her father, mother, and elder brother; were killed in the attack of the Fire Drake of the North. From that day on, Yumi was trained to be queen and soon lost sight of her goal to be a priestess. Yumi soon grew to resent the dragon king, Moreix Balyrix, who failed to protect her city from the fire drake; a task only fit for a fellow dragon. This hatred and her fears lead Yumi down a path towards war.


Yumi is a tall and athletic woman, with long flowing violt hair, with neatly trimmed bangs. She has eyes the color of a deep purple that seem angry and stern. She has sturdy long limbs but is still graceful, even in the heat of battle. She prefers to wear a dress with detached sleeves and skirts slit for riding and running. Most say she takes after her mother, with a triangular face and full lips. Many find her intimidating and unapproachable.


Unarmed Combat

Due to the process of learning Zeal magic, Yumi is trained in unarmed combat as well as staff fighting. She is surprisingly strong for a human, and is able to best most men in hand to hand. She rarely uses it, but often when she is down she will resort to it.


Yumi is a profound caster, some consider her to be the strongest of their current generation. Being able to master three magics, two of which, Shingaleix and Tori, are considered some of the hardest. She has proficient use of Ate but is a beginner in Abe. Though she stopped learning to master magics, she does have an easy grasp of spells, which has allowed her to learn other spells outside those five families. She has a masterful command over her massive amount of magical power, which allows her to construct devastating spells.

Tome of Elena

Yumi eventually wields the Tome of Elena, which begins to twist her own magic. The spells from this book have allowed Yumi to transverse massive distances using magic, being able to move entire armies. Along with some other enhancements to her magic, Yumi seems to be able ot heal with the books magic.


Yumi is a very private person, and has no connections outside of her family. During her youth she had her cousin, Xin, who always took care of her and her sister. In time she became attached to Jun, though her role as a royal soon drove a wedge between them. Yumi tried for many years to gain Jun’s love, but in the end she lost her to her sister, Yuna. Yumi took this as a betrayal, and soon she began to hate her little sister.

Yumi’s only forms of affection seem to be physical, even her love for Lu’Cibe seems superficial. She tends to value control in her relationships, and only cares about what they can do for her. The onyl person she truly ever felt anything for was Jun, but those feeling ultimately lead her further down a path of destruction.


The Dragon’s Tome

Yumi gain possession of the legendary dragon’s tome, which she discovers is actually the Tome of Elena. It is a very powerful living spell book that houses all of the spells created by the goddess Elena. Though she can only read what the tome allows, Yumi has found it to be something far beyond just magic.

Yumi’s Spellbook

Yumi has kept her spell book since she was a little girl, it being gifted to her by her elder brother. It contains many spells she has learned, but recently she has added notes on the Tome of Elena.

Yumi Shingaleix

Biographic Information

Nation: Xaolin

Date of Birth: 8th of Su 3014 AC

Race: Human

Age: 20

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female

Height: 6’0″

Build: Athletic

Weight: 145 lb

Hair Color: Violet

Eye Color: Royal Purple

Dominant Hand: Right

Political Allegiance

Rank: Princess of Xaolin, Queen of Xaolin

Service: High Kingdom of Xaolin

Family: House Shingaleix

Title: Master of Shingaleix, Princess of Xaolin, Queen of Xaolin

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