Capital: Zeix

Cities: Zeix, Toriyama, Leora, Urata, Leion, Cax

Founded: 1400 A.C.

Founder: Cameleion Shingaleix


Xaolin is the newest kingdom, among the Five High Kingdoms, and yet it is one of the most important in the current age. In the times before its founding, Xaolin was known as the free lands, a place where no law ruled and where orcs would raid constantly. No one attempted to settle there, until humans began to escape their slavers. Overtime, small civilizations formed from these runaways, in order to protect other humans from slavers and orcs.

During the rule of Hylde Balyrix II, the free lands were gifted to Cameleion, the first human caster who liberated humanity. He established his kingdom, then named Urata, for his first wife, and from there he helped Hylder Balyrix II keep Xin safe. But Cameleion was soon left the mortal world behind, leaving his children to fight for the throne.

This began the darkest period in Xaolin, known as The Siege of The Nine. Kima Vantz, the only child to have journeyed with Cameleion, ruled in her name in order to keep the kingdom her father made from falling apart. Though the events during this time are mainly unknown, history recognizes that Arieta Shingaleix, the youngest child of Cameleion and Urata, ended the Siege when she discovered her true power.

From the time on, the Shingaleix family has ruled in Xaolin, renamed for Arieta’s lost friend. Arieta ruled for five-hundred years, before she died and passed rule to her child, Tefani Shingaleix. Though none have matched her legacy, many of her descendants have tried, which has lead to the extreme growth of magic in all of Xin.


Life in Xaolin is fairly simple, due to the many advances brought on by magic. Many aspects of life in Xaolin are dictated by magic, with all of the high-born being affiliated to one of the nine families. Due to this, status can be raised through bring one’s self closer to magic.

Though many other races come to Xaolin to learn magic, the predominant religion is that of The Companionship. This religion is relatively new, being based off the thirteen members of Cameleion’s Companionship. Many humans see Cameleion as their god, him being the father of modern magic, but the other twelve are just as present.


Humans of Xaolin are responsible for the basic structure of the modern day economy in Ezryl. Unlike most races, humans found it easier to quantify services and goods to a standardized system of currency. So they developed a coin system that could not easily be replicated, ruby coin. These special marked coins opened up a world of trade and commerce unseen before the age of humans. This day most of all of Ezryl has adopted this coin based system in one form or another, with the kingdoms of Xin completely converted to ruby coin.


Cameleion Shingaleix – The One True King, Father of Magic, Commander of the Western Army, Founder of the School of Casters, Friend to Galeix, God Among Men, The King Who Left

Rule: 1400 A.C. – 1454 A.C.
Born: 1376 A.C.
Spouse: 3 Queens
Children: 9

Kima Vantz – The Dutiful Child

Rule: 1454 A.C.- 1625 A.C.
Born: 1394 A.C.
Age: 1856 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 6

Arieta Shingaleix – The Savior of Humanity, Angel Among Humans, High Priestess of Xaolin, Goddess of Magic, Cameleion’s Second Coming, The Azure Queen, The Five hundred Year Queen, The Maiden

Rule: 1634 A.C. – 2134 A.C.
Born: 1453 A.C.
Death: 2134 A.C.
Aged: 1181 years
Children: 1

Tefani Shingaleix – The Heir of Purity

Rule: 2134 A.C. – 2234 A.C.
Born: 2116 A.C.
Death: 2234 A.C.
Aged: 118 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 2

Alita Shingaleix

Rule: 2234 A.C. – 2278 A.C.
Born: 2203 A.C.
Death: 2290 A.C.
Aged: 87 years
Spouse: 2 Kings
Children: 5

Tokoiya Shingaleix – The Innovator

Rule: 2278 A.C. – 2328 A.C.
Born: 2260 A.C.
Death: 2350 A.C.
Aged: 90 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 1

Kineka Shingaleix – The Number 2 Librarian

Rule: 2328 A.C. – 2373 A.C.
Born: 2308 A.C.
Death: 2608 A.C.
Aged: 300 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 1

Xin Shingaleix – The Harem King, The Drunken Sage

Rule: 2373 A.C. – 2493 A.C.
Born: 2357 A.C.
Death: 2558 A.C.
Aged: 201 years
Spouses: 4 Queens
Children: 8

Loryc Shingaleix – The Man With a Golden Touch, The Wealthy Caster, The Golden King

Rule: 2493 A.C. – 2543 A.C.
Born: 2463 A.C.
Death: 2544 A.C.
Aged: 81 years
Spouses: 1 Queen

Lydia Shingaleix – The Half-Dragon Queen

Rule: 2543 A.C. – 2634 A.C.
Born: 2493 A.C.
Death: 2779 A.C.
Aged: 286 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 4

Kana Shingaleix – The Purist

Rule: 2634 A.C. – 2684 A.C.
Born: 2495 A.C.
Death: 2700 A.C.
Aged: 205 years
Spouses: 1 King, 1 Queen
Children: 5

Leion Shingaleix – The Wrathful King

Rule: 2684 A.C. – 2734 A.C.
Born: 2655 A.C.
Death: 2740 A.C.
Aged: 85 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 3

Soma Shingaleix – The Mother of the Tyrant

Rule: 2734 A.C. – 2778 A.C.
Born: 2714 A.C.
Death: 2778 A.C.
Aged: 64 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 2

Arieto Shingaleix – The Tyrant Caster

Rule: 2778 A.C. – 2784 A.C.
Born: 2744 A.C.
Death 2784 A.C.
Aged: 46 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 3

Xin Shingaleix II – The Greatest Modern King

Rule: 2784 A.C. – 2834 A.C.
Born: 2768 A.C.
Death: 2868 A.C.
Aged: 100 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 4

Leixin Shingaleix

Rule: 2834 A.C. – 2884 A.C.
Born: 2801 A.C.
Death: 2890 A.C.
Aged: 89 years
Spouses: 3 Queens
Children: 4

Alexander Shingaleix – The Slaver King

Rule: 2884 A.C. – 2948 A.C.
Born: 2866 A.C.
Death: 2952 A.C.
Aged: 86 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 1

Leion Shingaleix II – The Blue Sky

Rule: 2927 A.C. – 2941 A.C.
Born: 2899 A.C.
Death: 2965 A.C.
Aged: 66 years
Children: 3

Alexander Shingaleix II

Rule: 2941 A.C. – 2981 A.C.
Born: 2917 A.C.
Death: 2995 A.C.
Aged: 78 years
spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 1

Cameleion Shingaleix II – The Second Coming

Rule: 2981 A.C. – 3008 A.C.
Born: 2963 A.C.
Death: 3026 A.C.
Aged: 63 years
Spouse: 1 Queen

Tokoiya Shingaleix II

Rule: 3008 A.C. – 3026 A.C.
Born: 2990 A.C.
Death: 3026 A.C.
Aged: 36
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 3

Yumi Shingaleix

Rule: 3026 A.C. – ?
Born: 3020 A.C.
Age: 20
Spouse: 1 Queen

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