The Five High Kingdoms of Xin


Bio: A relatively new kingdom, compared to the other four high kingdoms, Xaolin is a kingdom completely built off of the magics of the nine families.

Founded: 1400 A.C.

Founder: Cameleion Shingaleix


Bio: Dyneria stands as a guard against the Black Forest. It is ruled by the demon house of Viridian, and is the central point of technology outside of Xaolin.

Founded: 0 A.C.

Founder: Lisa rasoer


Bio: Rougarth is the home of the dragon race, and the center of the Five High Kingdoms. It serves as the symbol of justice in Xin, and houses the ruling house of Balyrix.

Founded: 15 A.C.

Founder: Hylde Balyrix I


Bio: Shima is the closet thing to a nuetral kingdom in Xin. It is considered the centeral point of art and culture. It also houses some of the most powerful banks in XIn. It is lead by house Dymorys.

Founded: 0 A.C.

Founder: Yuma Zephrys


Bio: Belhore is known as one of the harshes kingdoms, both in environment and culture. In this kingdom strength reigns over all, and only the best survive. It houses the greatest army in all of Xin, lead by the house of Takeda.

Founded: 0 A.C.

Founder: Siegaha Takeda

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