In Honor of My Father

So after almost seven years of hard work, trials, and odd emotional states, I have finally published my book, The Dragon’s Tome, on the day of my father’s birth, December 18th. I felt the stars aligned and it was the perfect moment to release my own creation into the world. I have loved these pastContinue reading “In Honor of My Father”

Characters and More

I have spent the past weeks tuning this website, in order to prepare for my book’s release this month. It has taken many hours, and many rest breaks, lol. But I have finally finished at least 80% of the launch version of the site. I do hope people will look around and enjoy the tidbitsContinue reading “Characters and More”

The Final Steps

So I have finally finished The Dragon’s Tome after years of hard work and a very special year that took a lot from all of us. Yet, it is December and I have the final version of the book in hand, so to speak. Getting everything uploaded to KDP, then once this site is functionalContinue reading “The Final Steps”

Waking up and Making a World

It has been many years since I started creating the world I now call Ezryl. It started as a mere obsession with making a d20 based game where you could do anything you wished, in a world that wasn’t limited in terms of lore. Though as I focused on numbers and finding new ways toContinue reading “Waking up and Making a World”