Capital: Gorah

Cities: Erable, Gorah, Peti, Kima, Endrewood, Zephrys

Founded: 0 A.C.

Founder: Yuma Zephrys


Shima’s history is one of the more complicated in Xin. Other than the dragons, they are the only race to have started conflicts with every race of Sin. In the beginning, the elves of Shima saw themselves as superior to mortals. They began to enslave them, using orcs as a means to track them down and keep them in line. This alliance soon fell to pieces when the angels of Belhore allied with the elves.

These events lead to years of conflict between the orcs, giatns, and other creatures of Kah’Lurkah. This war of slavers was brought to an end, when the Dragons descended from Rougarth, lead by Hylde, the First. Though they were brought to peace, but slavery was allowed to remain in their countries. It was not until the rise of Urata Shingaleix that slavery was finally abolished, and the elves began penance for their crimes.

Though slavery never returned, Shima rebelled against the dragons when the humans rose against them. These events lead to the loss of many ancient record in Shima, and lead to the destruction of one of the major cities, Indra. After the fall of the human rebel leader, the elves were once again in debt to the dragons for their mercy.

In the current time, the elves of Shima are some of the most loyal to the dragon race, with their current queen Elaine being goddaughter to the Soreiky, Moreix Balyrix. This age of unification between the mythic leaders and the mortal, has lead to an age of peace where Shima began to explore new outlets.


Shima has always been seen as a society of order, with very little self expression and creativity. Though over the times the elves have had to evolve, and as new races mixed with their bloodlines, they became a focus of art and culture. They are renown for poetry, painting, wood work, and writing, with wood working being their main source of economic growth.

Due to their neutral nature on matters of morals, the elves of Shima were sought out to house the banks of Xin. When humanity first invented Ruby Coin, they went to the Elves to help guard the secrets of the magic from other casters who would wish to destroy the system. Till this day, no counterfeits have ever been successfully created, and the banks have never lost track of one single coin.


The Elves of Shima have some of the richest cities in all of Ezryl. Their capital Gorah is renowned for its culture and influence and, due to this, Shima has become the creative center of entertainment. Elvish crafted materials are known to be well made and trade well, due to the rare metals and woods they have access to. Thanks to these facts, the elves have become the richest kingdom and one of the centers of Xin. The trade market can be found in the capital of Gorah, along with some of the most powerful banks in all of Ezryl. The Naryns Bank is renown for its wealth and size, some believe they hold stakes in every one of the five high kingdoms of Xin.


Yuma Zephrys – The First King of the East

Rule: 0 A.C. – 220 A.C.
Born: 22 B.Z.
Death: 300 A.C.
Aged: 2322 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 3

Qyn Zephrys

Rule: 220 A.C.- 550 A.C.
Born: 10 A.C.
Death: 550 A.C.
Age: 540 years
Spouses: 2 Queens
Children: 2

Elen Dymorys I

Rule: 550 A.C. – 1150 A.C.
Born: 110 A.C.
Age: 2924 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 7

Kashmyr Dymorys I – The Man Without Honor

Rule: 1150 A.C. – 1400 A.C.
Born: 225 A.C.
Death: 1400 A.C.
Aged: 1175 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 1

Urata Shingaleix – The Fists That Forged Freedom, The Lost Heir, Wife of The Sorcerer, The Golden Goddess, Helen’s Blessed

Rule: 1400 A.C. – 1625 A.C.
Born: 1379 A.C.
Age: 1655 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 3

Elen Dymorys II – The Unfulfilled

Rule: 1625 A.C. – 1885 A.C.
Born: 350 A.C.
Age: 2684 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 1

Kashmyr Dymorys II

Rule: 1885 A.C. – 2105 A.C.
Born: 755 A.C.
Age: 2279 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 12

Urata Dymorys I

Rule: 2105 A.C. – 2325 A.C.
Born: 1160 A.C.
Death: 2325 A.C.
Aged: 1165 years
Spouses: 1 King
Children: 8

Yuma Dymorys

Rule: 2325 A.C. – 2545 A.C.
Born: 1260 A.C.
Death: 2545 A.C.
Aged: 1285 years
Spouses: 1 Queen
Children: 3

Elena Dymorys

Rule: 2545 A.C. – 2765 A.C.
Born: 1344 A.C.
Death: 3001 A.C.
Aged: 1657 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 4

Urata Dymorys II

Rule: 2765 A.C. – 2985 A.C.
Born: 1374 A.C.
Age: 1660 years
Spouses: 1 King
Children: 3

Elaine Dymorys – The Sword of the Rising Sun

Rule: 2985 A.C. – ?
Born: 2930 A.C.
Aged: 85 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 3

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