Capital: Doraga

Cities: Amata, Doraga, Torogado, Hylde, Domajy, Sygyto

Founded: 15 A.C.

Founder: Hylde Balyrix I


The kingdom of Rougarth is ruled by the oldest royal lineage, the dragons of House Balyrix. Since before the convergence, the dragons have tried to uphold justice on Ezryl. Due to this, Rougarth can be found at the center os almost every major conflict. In the early days, it was home to primal dragons, it also served as a guard between the badlands of Dyneria and the rest of Xin.

In recent years, Rougarth has become the symbol of unity among the races. It had been the only kingdom in the beginning of Xin founding that outlawed slavery, though many kings of Rougarth have tried to overthrow this most ancient law; all of who met their end by queens bearing the name Hylde. Due to this, many humans live within Rougarth, many who’s families migrated there long ago.


Rougarth has alway been a place for those with no home, due to the beliefs established by Hylde, the First. Because of this, Rougarth serves as a hub between the Kingdoms, helped by their ability to make roads. Those who live in Rougarth live by the old ways, and often put superstition and beliefs above other things. This has allowed it to be the strongest kingdom in terms of unification, and allows for the royals to be closer to their people.


Dragons have never been ones for making wealth, so unlike most they must search for their wealth elsewhere. Most of Rougarth’s income comes from the influx of tourist and merchants who wish to come to the Cities to trade. Unlike most kingdoms, Rougarth is graced with both natural beauty and prime location. The ports in Doraga allow for goods from the East to come easily into Xin. But it is their creation of roads that truly made Rougarth the greatest Kingdom in the eyes of the Five High Kingdoms. Due to their mountains and rocky plains, Dragons had to use their magic flames to carve massive roads into the cliffs and rolling hills, filling them with stone melted by their very breath. Over the years they ran roads from the North of Dyneria, South to the icy mountains of Belhore, then from Doraga in the East, to Zeix in the West. It is believed that if not for these advancements, that Rougarth would be far behind the other kingdoms in terms of wealth and trade. They stand as the Fourth Richest of the Five High Kingdoms.


Hylde Zeirix – The Mother of Doraga

Rule: 0  – 607 A.C.
Born: 7 T.C.
Death: 1500 A.C.
Aged: 2000 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 7

Hylde Balyrix – The Unworthy

Rule:607 A.C.- 900 A.C.
Born: 200 A.C.
Death: 1610 A.C.
Aged: 1410 years
Spouses: 1King, 5 Queens
Children: 13

Kixian Balyrix – The Undefeated

Rule:.900 A.C. – 1100 A.C.
Born: 608 A.C.
Death: 1412 A.C.
Aged: 804
Spouses: ? 
Children: ?

Qeiserix Balyrix – The Iron King

Rule: 1100 A.C. – 1345 A.C.
Born: 906 A.C.
Death: 1345 A.C.
Aged: 439 years
Spouses: ? 
Children: ? 

Alyx Balyrix – The Slaver King

Rule: 1345 A.C. – 1350 A.C.
Born: 1160 A.C.
Death: 1350 A.C.
Aged: 190 years

Hylde Balyrix II – Breaker of Chains

Rule: 1350 A.C. – 1625 A.C.
Born: 1190 A.C.
Death: 2676 A.C.
Aged: 1486 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 3

Availyon Balyrix – The White Wind

Rule: 1625 A.C. – 1956 A.C.
Born: 1488 A.C.
Death: 1956 A.C.
Aged: 468 years
Spouse: 1 King, 1 Queen
Children: 3

Meiverix Balyrix – The Lost King

Rule: 1956 A.C.
Born 1496 A.C.
Death 1956 A.C.
Aged: 460 years

Xeicarys Balyrix – The King Who Conquered Belhore

Rule: 1956 A.C. – 2312 A.C.
Born: 1807 A.C.
Death: 2412 A.C.
Aged: 605 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 3

Kixeh Balyrix -The Wise Sage

Rule: 2312 A.C. – 2784 A.C.
Born: 2162 A.C.
Death: 2784 A.C.
Aged: 622 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 5

Moreix Balyrix – The Grey King

Rule: 2784 A.C. – 3034 A.C.
Born: 2344 A.C.
Death: 3034 A.C.
Aged: 690 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 8

Jayne Balyrix – The Queen of the Darkest Days

Rule: 3034 – ?
Born: 2874
Death: ?
Age: 160

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