Meiverix Balyrix

Meiverix Balyrix


From a young age all the prince wanted was to be a warrior, like those he had grown up hearing of. Most saw the prince as idealistic, but his constant vigilance towards his tasks impressed even the most hardened of mythic or mortal. He is beloved by those who don’t know him and often adored by those close to him, his enemies often find themselves more caught up in his prestige among mythics, rather than his deadly skills he has honed as a warrior. Most dragons believe him to embody the ideals of being a true dragon, which is why the wait with baited breath for the day he rises as Soreiky.


Meiverix is a very tall young dragon, with a solid build and longer limbs, that allow him to be agile and strong. Unlike most of his siblings, Mei is said to most resemble his mother, Alaynne, having her longer heart shaped face, larger nose, and crocked smile. Due to this, most people see him as more pretty than handsome, which is what most people find approachable about him. He isn’t one for trinkets or fancy clothing, so he often wear simple looking clothes, made finer so they are stronger. The most striking thing about the prince is his dark green eyes, they are the only trait most attribute to his father; with it being seen as a kind gaze, opposed to the normal dead gaze of a warrior.



Meiverix has practiced with the use of a sword since he was younger than forty year, equal to being a four year old human child in terms of size and development. He has always had a natural instinct for handling a blade and engaging in close combat with multiple or singular opponents. Many older mythics claimed him to be the next warrior legend, equivalent to a young Gorah of the Companionship, or Moreix Balyrix, his father. Though he had a mind for tactics and history, Mei often spent all his free time practicing with his swordplay, or going on excursion with his younger brother and Ashwyn; his oldest friend. By the time the war starts, Mei is equal to a seasoned soldier in terms of combat skills, but his emotions tend get in his way more often than help. Though this is offset by his wild style of fighting, which most tend to describe as a sort of complex dance.

Spiritual Energy

Meiverix first learns to wield the power of spiritual energy during the fight with the Arcane Elder Dragon. It comes to him in instinctual burst throughout the fight that he can barely wield. This ultimately leads to Mei’s near death and rebirth, through the help of Ryn slaying the drake that threatened his life. Through Ryn’s teachings, Mei slowly learns the extent of this power and the depth of what it can truly do. With the power, Mei begins to communicate with nature and even alters his own appearance in other’s minds. His most common use of the power is to talk with his dire hawk, Leir.

Ryn shows Mei many uses for spiritual energy, but the most important so far has been his ability to melt adamant. At first Mei found this useful when forging his new weapon, but, in his fight with the Elder Fire Dragon, the prince found the power useful for damaging creatures and even using the power as a projectile. The most shocking use of the power seems to be its ability to absorb certain magical power, like the fire drake’s flames. It even seem to boost the durability of the host, granting Mei, so far, unmatched speed and resistance to damage. Though his spiritual power seems to be able to heal him, for some reason he cannot heal himself in battle, unlike archangels who seem to be able to heal with it on command.

Dragon Transformation

Meiverix, like many of his race, has the inborn ability to transform into a true dragon form. This form gives him the abilities of his inner dragon, and allows him to use his full abilities as a Green Galeix. In this form Mei’s spiritual power is replaced by Tamase, an unknown power, it seems to have similar properties to spiritual energy; though it seems far more concentrated. While in this form Mei uses his powers much faster than he would in his human-like form, but the amount of power he seems to be able to call forth is far more than exponential compared to his normal state. He was able to use his Dragon Fire to melt a being of living adamant. After Mei changes back, he seems to be drained of all his power, yet he is still able to function on a normal level. His clothing is destroyed in the process of transformation and the experience is noted by Mei to be “painful.”


Not much is known about this power as of yet, but Mei seems to have the innate ability to use it. Unlike when wielding spiritual energy, Mei seems to not have enhanced strength; but his speed is increased to a level beyond any normal mythic.


Meiverix is seen as the main force that holds his family together, though this very issue often leads to conflicts between his siblings. Most of his life, Meiverix was trained to be a warrior while his siblings focused on just their academics. Though this was dictated by his mother, Mei often opposed the idea of being the only one of his siblings who could defend themselves. Soon Mei began to teach his siblings, with the help of his best friend Ashwyn. This angered his mother when she found out, but Mei’s father surprisingly accepted his son’s idea and ultimately allowed them all to train as they wished. Though many still sought out Mei for help in many other matters, which helped keep them together when Alyanne died.

Mei has many people who know him, but the ones closest him are Ashwyn and his sister Annye. The two of them spend the most time with Mei, and both have a different insight to who he is. Ashwyn learned side by side with his prince, and when Mei was old enough to become a knight, Ashwyn followed to protect him. Due to this, he has seen the darkness that hides in his prince, the primal nature of his inner dragon. Opposed to Ash, Annye has only know the kindness of her brother, seeing him as one of her few true siblings. Mei always tried to make Ann feel as part of the family, while she made him feel more alive inside. Though he is kind, Ann knows that his kindness is a mask for a troubled young man; one who struggled between his duty and his love. This contradiction of ideals ultimately leads to Mei’s journey to the north, another adventure where Ash must follow and Ann must find a way to bring him home to help their family.

Mei eventually formed a bond with his dire hawk, Lier, and his teacher, Ryn. Along his journey the prince begins to discover more about his powers and his odd connection to Ryn. Through his training with her, he has grown closer to Lier, being able to connect with her thoughts. This new power Ryn shows him gives Mei a new understanding of what it is to be a green galeix, while Lier gives him a new found love for nature.


Angelic Steel Sword

This is Mei’s oldest and most prized weapon, being the one he first received when he became a knight. The blade is made from angelic steel, and is newly reforged for the prince’s 190th Hyseite. Though it served him well through over seventy years of his life, it ultimately is destroyed in the fight with the arcane drake.

Mei’s Forged Blade

Mei is forced to remake his beloved angelic steel sword, and uses green adamant to supplement the blades missing metal. Though the mixtures of the two materials seemed unlikely, using his powers, Mei was able to fuse the two into somethign he could form into a blade. This new form of blade seems to never lose an edge, and is strong enough to slice through dragon skin. Due to the use of adamant, Mei is able to channel vast amount of power through the sword, allowing him to focus it into powerful attacks.

Annye’s Pendant

This little trinket is the only known piece of jewelry Mei has ever owned, let alone wore. Though he treasured the small green piece of adamant, he ultimately made it the pommel of his sword. That way he would never lose it in battle. Mei sees it as a physical representation of his connection to Annye.

Meiverix Balyrix

Biographic Information

Nation: Rougarth

Date of Birth: 1st of Lu 2844 AC

Race: Galeix (Dragon)

Age: 190 years

Physical Appearance

Gender: Male

Height: 6’2″

Build: Athletic

Weight: 210 lb

Hair Color: Forest Green

Eye Color: Dark Green

Dominant Hand: Right

Political Allegiance

Rank: Knight of Rougarth, Prince of Rougarth (former), Heir to Xin (former)

Service: High Kingdom of Rougarth

Family: House Balyrix

Title: Knight of Rougarth, Soldier of Doraga, Prince of Rougarth (former), Heir of Xin (former)

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