Jayne Balyrix

Jayne Balyrix


Jayne has known nothing but the life of a ruler, since she was young. Being the eldest true born Blue Galeix, Jayne was destined to follow her father as Soreiky of Xin. Her days were filled with study and tutoring in the etiquette of the courts of the Five High Kingdoms. Though some part of her sought to learn more, and thanks to her elder brother, Meiverix, she found her love in fighting. Though her mother Alaynne disagreed at first to her training, she eventually was convinced to come around by Moreix, her husband and Jayne’s father, when she discovered the people responded better to a ruler that could defend them. Soon Jayne became as beloved as her brother, and even more so among the youth who found inspiration in her strength and grace. This has lead to Jayne becoming one of the most beloved queens since Hylde Balyrix II.


Jayne is the average height for a dragoness, with a full build and thicker limbs that are perfect for chosen weapon, the halberd. She has long blue hair without bangs to show off her deep royal blue eyes. Jayne, like most of her siblings, looks much like her father Moreix, with a solemn, triangular shaped face and broad frame. Though she resembles her father, she tends to have the grace and fairness of her mother, which many men and women find beautiful. Though she is seen as one of the fairest women in Xin, many fear to approach her romantically, due to her hardened gaze. Most who do are often the victim of her sharp tongue and cold tone.


Swordplay & Staff

Jayne has always excelled at everything she tried, but fighting came to her better than any other talent, and it some became her favorite. Over the years she trained to fight against Meiverix, unlike her other siblings she was able to give him a fair challenge. Though on time she found swordplay not to be enough, and focused on using a weapon with more reach, a halberd. With it, Jayne was able to beat her brother from time to time, using her superior strength and reach. Till this day the two remain even in wins, though in her later years she has been more focused on ruling Xin alongside her father. Yet she still manages to practice once everyday.


Jayne is a blue Galeix, meaning she is able to wield Megise, though Jayne has yet to summon and Megise unaided. She has been able to use regular magic, in order to summon her halberd to battle, a technique Ann taught her. For some reason, her body seems to reject Megise in favor of Ryake.


Jayne has an unnatural connection to the force know as Ryake, the energy that governs the physical forces in the world. When trying to learn new magic on her own, Jayne discovered her body rejects it in favor of Ryake. With the amount Jayne can generate, she is able to out match most other mythic in terms of strength, as seen when she fought Lu’Cibe. Though her endurance does not allow her to sustain such power. Unlike any other person before, Jayne has been able to wield Ryake like one does magic. She has been able to use it to summon A Vantz Bubble Shield spell, which she used to protect herself from Yumi’s firestorm.


Jayne is regarded as someone untouchable to normal people, even her siblings seem to revere her rather than love her, except for her elder half sister, Myrixa, and her elder brother, Mei. Due to this, she has always felt isolated from others, which left only Mei for her to grow attached to, outside of her parents.

Jayne’s entire life revolved around her love for Meiverix, and being destined to be his future queen. But this love ultimately drove a bigger wedge between her and her siblings, specifically her younger half sister, Annye. The two of them became rivals for Mei’s affections, with Annye seemingly winning in Jayne’s mind. Due to her nature as a dragon, and because of her hatred for her sister being a bastard, Jayne began to lash out at Annye, even going as far as accusing her of tempting Mei.

Jayne’s entire world fell apart when Mei left, but in his absence she gained an unexpected friend, her half sister Annye. Without Mei there to remind them of the love rivalry, the two found that they could be very close friends. By the time Ann leaves her side, Jayne has grown to love Annye almost as much as Mei.


Five Fangs of Freedom

The Five Fangs of Freedom is the crown of the Soreiky of Xin, and by proxy the ruler of Rougarth. It is a thick band of gold, with five adamant fangs that line the crown. Each of the five represent one of the five galeix gods, Black; for Elena, White; for Alisa, Green; for Lysa, Red; for Helen, and Blue; for Zeix. This relic was forged by the flames of Hylde Balyrix I, after she founded the kingdom of Rougarth. Jayne has been in possession of this since she ascended the blue adamant thorne. She wears it at all times, and only removes it to sleep.

Jayne Balyrix

Biographic Information

Nation: Rougarth

Date of Birth: 14th of Enge 2874 AC

Race: Galeix (Dragon)

Age: 160 years

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female

Height: 5’10”

Build: Full

Weight: 200 lb

Hair Color: Azure Blue

Eye Color: Royal Blue

Dominant Hand: Right

Political Allegiance

Rank: Queen of Rougarth, Soreiky of the Five High Kingdoms, Ruler of Xin

Service: High Kingdom of Rougarth, Nations of Xin

Family: House Balyrix

Title: Princess of Rougarth (former), Queen of Rougarth, Soreiky of the Five High Kingdoms

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