Capital: Chassia

Cities: Anca, Lucius, Lisa, Leix, Scura

Founded: 0 A.C.

Founder: Lisa Rasoer


Dyneria’s history is a simple one, unlike most of its fellow kingdoms it has only been responsible for one direct conflict. In the early years of Rougarth, the demons of Dyneria sought to take the land Hylde, the First, claimed for her dragon-kin. This lead to a devastating war that ripped Dyneria apart. With Hylde in control of the primal dragons that roamed Rougarth, she tore apart Dyneria and brought the demons to heel.

Since the days of their alliance with the dragons, they have been dragged into every conflict in known history, outside of the Siege. This lead to them inventing new ways of fighting, in order to match the other races in terms of power. With these advances, they were able to help the dragons bring an end to the slaver wars and many other conflicts in earlier centuries.

Once Xaolin was founded, Dyneria was ruled by the house of Drax. Thanks to the people of Dyneria, the Five High Kingdoms were able to drive out most of the orc tribes and establish a defense against the more dreadful creatures that grew in the Black Forest. For centuries the Demons of Dyneria have guarded the Five High Kingdoms, much like the dragons of old Xin.


Dynerian culture is rooted in the beliefs of its founder, Lisa Rasoer. They believe in justice and stability above all else, and till this day some say the Lady Lisa still enforces her rule when the demons forget their way. Due to their strict nature, the demons of Dyneria focused on finding ways to better life, whether it be in war or peace. They are responsible for many modern marvels of technology, and are considered the second best practitioners of magic; though it does not rule their lives like ti does the Xaolinese.


The Demons of Dyneria have built an economy off the back of their Technological and Scientific advances in recent years. While the Age of War raged, the Demons focused on perfecting things to make life easier when the wars were done. In this time they used advanced methods to create more powerful tools and weapons for the world. Though they tend to lean more towards, weaponry they have given the world such modern marvels as The Adamant Network, Power Grids, and Adamant lights. With these marvels they have cemented their worth to the Five high Kingdoms and stand as the Third Richest Kingdom.


Lisa Rasoer – The Goddess Queen, The Guardian of Destruction, Dyneria’s True Mother

Rule: 0  – 1900 A.C.
Born: ?
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 2

Drax Drax – The Shadow of Change

Rule:1900 A.C.- 2300 A.C.
Born: 1380 A.C.
Death: Alive
Age: 1870 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 2

Chassia Drax – The Iron Wings

Rule: 2300 A.C. – 2450 A.C.
Born: 1901 A.C.
Death: 2887 A.C.
Aged: 986 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 9

Trille Drax

Rule: 2450 A.C. – 2650 A.C.
Born: 1935 A.C.
Death: 2964 A.C.
Aged: 1029 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 3

Edwyrd Drax

Rule: 2650 A.C. – 2850 A.C.
Born: 1957 A.C.
Death: 3001 A.C.
Aged: 1044 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 2

Lucille Veridian

Rule: 2850 A.C. – 3019 A.C.
Born: 1968 A.C.
Death: 3019 A.C.
Aged: 1051 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 5

Lucian Veridian

Rule: 3019 A.C. – 3034 A.C.
Born: 2890 A.C.
Age: 144 years
Spouse: 1 King, 1 Queen
Children: 3

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