Capital: Kelm

Cities: Kelm, Ar’Wasa, Ysa, Fahe, Te’Alwa, Ru’Erza, Ha’Verra

Founded: 0 A.C.

Founder: Siegaha Takeda


The Kingdom of Belhore’s history is one paved in blood and war. The angels of Belhore have always held strength above all, but many believe this mindset has allowed them to survive in the harsh winter climate. Ever since the first king, Siegaha Takeda, was killed by his bastard, wars of ascension have plagued the kingdom. But over the centuries the rule has passed back to the Takeda line, which rules till this day.

The most notable piece of history about Belhore, is the capital city of Kelm. Since its founding at the beginning of the new age, it has only fallen once to foreign powers. When Carta Drax returned with Cameleion and Hylde, the Second, to reclaim her throne from her corrupt sister.


Belhore is a war-like culture, with an emphasis on forging weapons of war. Their people are all trained in some small form of combat, for survival on long journeys between cities, and their soldiers are considered the best trained in all of Xin. Though during times of peace, the angels of Belhore turn to more ancient methods of making money, which has made them one desired races in Xin.


War built the Belhore into a powerful nation. The Angels of Belhore started off as free companies for hire and slowly turned into the force it is today. Thanks to a few long lasting ages of peace, angels have had to turn to new sources of income as well as some older ones. The angels while strict, are known across Xin for their exotic exports. Due to their beauty angels are sought after for media, others turn to adult entertainment, using their heavenly looks and flawless bodies to their advantage. Angels have also used their ancient recipe for steel in order to create some of the most valuable weapons and armor. Angel smiths are sought after and some of the best in all the world. Thanks to their key exports they rank as the second richest kingdom in Xin.


Siegaha Takeda – The Thousand Year King

Rule: 7 T.C. – 500 A.C.
Born: 50 S.C.
Death: 500 A.C.
Spouse: 5 Queens
Children: 22

Lu’Areku Balyrix – The Crimson King

Rule: 500 A.C.- 1100 A.C.
Born: 0 T.C.
Death: 1468 A.C.
Age: 1975 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 7

Ma’Hiku Jezu – The Archangel Reborn

Rule: 1100 A.C. – 1399 A.C.
Born: 405 T.C.
Death: 1399 A.C.
Aged: 804 years
Spouse: 1 Queen
Children: 0

Lu’Carta Drax – the Silver Maiden

Rule: 1505 A.C. – 1900 A.C.
Born: 1380 A.C.
Aged: 1654 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 3

Lilith Drax – The Half-Breed

Rule: 1900 A.C. – 2300 A.C.
Born: 1780 A.C.
Death: 2300 A.C.
Aged: 520 years
Spouse: 1 Kings
Children: 3

Lu’Syda Takeda – The Last of Line Takeda

Rule: 2300 A.C. – 2650 A.C.
Born: 2200 A.C.
Death: 2650 A.C.
Aged: 450 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 1

Lu’Cygma Takeda

Rule: 2650 A.C. – 2850 A.C.
Born: 2500 A.C.
Death: 3013 A.C.
Aged: 513 years
Spouse: 1 King
Children: 4

Lu’Nara Takeda

Rule: 2850 A.C. – 2890 A.C.
Born: 2543 A.C.
Death: 2890 A.C.
Aged: 347 years
Spouses: 1 King
Children: 4

Lu’Tara Takeda – The Frozen Tyrant

Rule: 2890 A.C. – ?
Born: 2870 A.C.
Aged: 164 years
Spouse: 0
Children: 4

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