Annye Bluescale

Annye Bluescale


Throughout her youth, Annye had always been reminded she was a bastard, despite her father’s attempts to make his bastards feel no different from his true born children. She suffered from the wrath of her elder sister, Jayne, because Annye fell for Meiverix. In the beginning Jayne tried to care about Ann, but love soon blinded Jayne. Ann found solace in book, worlds she could venture to without having to become strong like her elder sister. Though Mei always had a way of getting her to leave her books and join the family, which allowed her to connect with a few of her true born siblings.


Annye is considered to be short for a dragoness, even for a half breed. She is very spry and athletic, which makes her quick and surprisingly durable. She has long snow colored hair that she keeps in a messy ponytail. Her eyes are often regarded as sad and big, they are the color of ice blue and have little flecks of white throughout them. Most find her beautiful, a trait that her father says she gets from her mother. Much like her elder brother, Mei, she has a heart shaped face, but her cheeks are a bit thicker. She often garbs herself in simple trousers and a silk blouse.



Annye has limited skilled with short swords, thanks to the teachings of Mei. Though she took to it as easy as anything she tried, with a bit of practice, Ann soon abandoned it for the solace of books.


Annye has a high amount of Megise she can wield, so much that she can’t fully grasp how to wield it properly. She manages to learn magic through trial and tribulation, mainly due to her ability to retain information. With this power she is able to match casters far beyond her league, as seen when she faces Yumi. Though it drains her to wield her powers for too long.

Unknown Energy

Annye, in her endless studying, stumbled upon a strange type of magical power. The odd silver energy can be used to accomplish feats of magic, unlike any seen in Xin for many years. Though Anny believes this power to be spirit, in truth it acts nothing like the power known as spirit, but more like magic. With it, Ann was able to use a teleportation spell to save Jayne and herself, but at the cost of nearly destroying her soul.

Will of Zeix

Annye is able to take in information faster than most known beings of Ezryl. Her ability is inborn and seems to be tied to her blue Galeix powers. Using this ability, she is able to learn magic faster than anyone could do safely, being able to read a spell and cast it without any reference or demonstration. This ability also allows for Annye to think at an incredible rate, being able to predict things most would miss.


Annye has very few connections with her family, outside of her brother Mei. Myrixa and Kylie are her two closest friends, with Myrixa being her only true sister. Between their constant support as fellow bastards, and Mei’s love, Ann has been able to have a normal life that she enjoys.

Once Mei leaves, Ann finds a surprising friend in her elder sister, Jayne. Without the rivalry between them, Ann found Jayne to be insightful and quite brave. Over her months as Second, she grows to love her sister Jayne just as much as her true born sister Myrixa. Though she feels a much deeper connection trying to form, which confuses her.


Blue Adamant Dagger

Annye has one precious keep sake, the dagger her father gave her. It is very sharp and nearly unbreakable, and it serves as her main weapon when making her strange blood seals. Towards the end of her journey she finds it can be used to find the Plane of Immortals, much like all adamant.

Annye Bluescale

Biographic Information

Nation: Rougarth

Date of Birth: 7th of Elena 2879 AC

Race: Galeix (Dragon)/ Angel

Age: 155 years

Physical Appearance

Gender: Female

Height: 5’4″

Build: Petite

Weight: 110 lb

Hair Color: White

Eye Color: Ice Blue/ White flecks

Dominant Hand: Left

Political Allegiance

Rank: Second of Rougarth, Second of Xin

Service: High Kingdom of Rougarth

Family: Bastard of Balyrix

Title: Second of Rougarth, Second of Xin

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