Waking up and Making a World

It has been many years since I started creating the world I now call Ezryl. It started as a mere obsession with making a d20 based game where you could do anything you wished, in a world that wasn’t limited in terms of lore. Though as I focused on numbers and finding new ways to rationalize my ideas, I found myself falling deeper into the the making of the world itself.

I found with each game I played, the more I required from my world. For things as simple as how dragons eat and sleep, all the way to the complex ideas of how magic works. Each new thing I had to create opened up a new world of problems for me to solve, and it was in solving these problems that I found the foundation of what became Ezryl.

Now many years down the line I finally decided to write a story for this world, a history for this role-playing world I had made. This story was inspired by a long session that lasted over the course of a real life year and a half. The characters I created there and the joy I brought to the party ended up inspiring this story, ultimately with the goal of one day realizing that session as a full story within a realized reality.

Six years of work and many more years of imagination before hand, have allowed me to create The Dragon’s Tome, the first book in my series called A Time for Heroes. I was so happy when I finally finished this story, and now I hope to share it with the world. This site has been made for those who wish to see beyond the books, and discover the world of Ezryl. I will never have my own companion book, because I feel this world will ultimately be to vast to contain in one volume. So this site stands as a live testament to my extra notes and companion material.

Haun L. Toshira, 12/08/2020

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I am an aspiring fantasy novelist. I use wordpress to monitor and manage my site which contains lore and extra content fo rmy fantasy world.

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